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Fresh peas, straight from the pod – don’t even bother cooking ’em! They are like the sweet treats of the veg plot. So this year I’m growing a dwarf variety called ‘Meteor’, which only grow to about 45cm (18inches high). It’s early May now – so far so good. Germination […]

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sowing courgettes

Time to sow tender veggies

If you haven’t done it already, now’s the time to sow things like courgettes, pumpkins, cucumbers and other squashes. I always wait till now (mid-May) as I don’t have a heated greenhouse and although it’s plenty warm enough during the day, night time temperatures can still be quite low. I […]

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Spinach in troughs

Spinach is a great cut-and-come-again crop for growing in pots and troughs. A shallow trough is ideal because you don’t use too much compost and there is a larger growing surface for greater harvests. The seed is literally sprinkled over the surface with the seeds about 5mm apart. Lightly sprinkle […]

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Start with the soil!

New peat-free, vegan Vegetable & Fruit topsoil from The Real Soil Company has been specially formulated to help your crops get the best possible start without harm to the environment. Whilst the average bag of topsoil can contain up to 80% of sand, wood fibre, peat, plastic and even glass, […]

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Cover with class

Harrod Horticultural’s market-leading steel and aluminium walk-in fruit cages are available in a wide range of sizes to suit all gardens, and will protect your precious fruit and vegetables from birds and other animals in style. The steel fruit cages are also available in a range of decorative versions including […]

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