What is the Mudketeers’ Club?


Provide your local pest controllers with bespoke winter quarters with the new Hedgehog Barn from Wildlife World. A stylishly designed house made from durable FSC-certified timber, it features an innovative extending porch which helps to prevent access by predators and makes it easier to clean and store. Additionally, for thorough […]

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We are giving away these ‘Handy’ Rachet Loppers from Darlac (DP875). These are incredibly lightweight loppers and perfect for tackling all those pruning jobs in the garden. They will cut branches up to 35mm with ease and the ratchet mechanism reduces the effort required by 30%. They are particularly good […]

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Niwaki’s range of ‘great stuff from Japan’ recently expanded with the addition of kanji-adorned Gardening Gloves. Available in four sizes for a perfect fit, they have a breathable liner and a grippy, nitrile coating, making them ideal for pruning and other jobs where dexterity is key. Teamed with Niwaki’s best-selling […]

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Lucie Oldale with the Jackfruit

World’s biggest fruit trees flourish in Eden rainforest

A superabundance of stunning fruits and flowers is flourishing as never before in the Rainforest Biome at the Eden Project in Cornwall Among the botanical wonders turning visitors’ heads is a giant jackfruit the size of a rugby ball and soon ready for eating. The high walls of the Biome […]

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The winning lawn by Andrew Wain of Euridge Manor

Fourth-time lucky Allett Creative Lawn Stripes winner

The quintessentially British striped lawn is idealised across the world and in celebration of this Allett Mowers opened up their annual Allett Creative Lawn Stripes competition internationally. This year’s stiff competition attracted a truly global set of entries in what has been a tough year for everyone going through the […]

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A mixed organic allotment also provides a home for wildlife

Start the journey to organic gardening in five easy steps

Gardening without harming the environment is a lot easier than you may think says Garden Organic, one of Britain’s leading organic gardening charities Feeding your soil with homemade organic compost, ditching the use of toxic chemicals such as slug pellets, and attracting more wildlife into your garden are the first […]

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Plastic-free potting

Haxnicks has extended its range of Bamboo Pots and Saucers to include 3in, 4in, 5in, 6in and 8in sizes. Made from sustainable bamboo fibre, rice starch, and resin made from naturally occurring organic compounds, they can be used indoors or outside and will last for five years or more. At […]

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