What is the Mudketeers’ Club?

Survey the UK’s mammals from your garden this year

Public urged to build on positive relationship with nature made during Covid lockdowns For the first time, wildlife charity People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) is running its Living with Mammals survey throughout all of 2021, starting this week. PTES saw record-breaking numbers of volunteers taking part last year, thanks […]

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Power for your plants

The original Grazers formulation was discovered in the 1990s by a crop nutrition company. It was found that rabbits and deer were so averse to eating crops sprayed with this specific calcium mixture that Grazers was founded to develop products that dissuade various pests from eating crops. As Grazers products […]

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Be sure of safe soil

“Just because a garden appears to be doing well doesn’t make it safe – or mean that it can’t be more productive,” says Robert Galster, co-founder of Safe Soil UK. The presence of heavy metals or other contaminants can pose significant risks to human and animal health – and it’s […]

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All set to grow

VegTrug is launching new and redeveloped Frame & Cover Multi Sets for all of the core VegTrug sizes: Medium 1.8m Classic, Small 1m Classic, Medium 1.8m Wallhugger and Small 1m Wallhugger. The new versions are taller, at 90cm (35½in), to give room for more growth or taller plants, and also […]

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Harrod Edging Hoops are an attractive way to keep beds and borders tidy and stop low plants flopping onto lawns and paths. Overlapping them by 10-20cm (4-8in) creates a firm edge, and they can easily be set to follow curves. Made from solid 6mm (¼in) steel rod, the hoops are […]

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