Grow climbing French beans

French beans are a relatively easy crop to grow and great value for money. Beans are often expensive to buy in the supermarket but a few plants on your veg plot can produce a bumper harvest. Climbing French beans are great for growing up a wigwam of canes or other […]

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A display of daffodils at Cornwall Spring Flower Show. Photo Charles Francis

Cornwall Garden Society’s Spring Flower Show Bursts into Bloom

Dramatic displays of spring flowers and shrubs; exquisite exhibits by leading nurseries and landscape artists; a spectacular spread of horticultural traders; a Floral Art marquee and botanical illustrations from the Eden Project’s Florilegium Society are just some of the features of the Cornwall Garden Society’s 2022 Spring Flower Show to […]

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How to sow aubergines

Aubergines likes a long and warm growing season so it is best to grow them in a greenhouse or polytunnel. You could also try them on a warm sunny patio but they will crop better undercover. Seeds are sown from late February to early April in small pots or cell […]

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Litton Planter from TDP

Planters for the planet

TDP’s new Litton planter, which is 450mm (18in) square, comes in 15 colour options, from natural to vibrant. The base is designed to allow drainage, and it is lined with a premium landscape fabric. TDP products, which also include a wide range of garden furniture, are made from recycled UK […]

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Vistorian Bells

Winter warmers

Haxnicks’ frost protection range includes an array of essential products to keep your plants safe from harsh weather this winter. Alongside the company’s famous Victorian Bells – classic cloches reinvented for the 21st century in UV-stabilised plastic, in a choice of three sizes – there are fleece and poly tunnels, […]

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Make a sowing ruler

This is a useful piece of kit when sowing direct onto the plot. All you need is a piece of smooth planed timber approximately 12mm thick, 44mm wide and 2m long. Then you simply mark measurements along the timber. You could use measurements that are common to the crops that […]

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