Sana Juicer

Next-gen juicer

The state-of-the-art Sana EUJ-707 Slow Juicer by Omega is a great piece of kit for serious juicing enthusiasts. Available in a choice of 11 colours, it has a sleek futuristic design. Because it’s a cold press action juicer, you can be sure of a healthy supply of enzymes and nutrients, and it’s […]

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Polytunnel Strawberries

Who doesn’t love strawberries, especially homegrown? I have quite a few plants growing in pots in the polytunnel. I leave them outside after harvesting and then bring them back into the polytunnel in early spring. I give them a good feed of general (liquid) fertiliser and then let the warmth […]

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Sowing Turnips

I’ve not grown turnips for a while now as they have never been in great demand by the family. However, I do love them in a Cornish pasty, so that’s a good enough reason for growing them to my mind. I’m sowing two rows in all in this 1m square […]

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It’s filling up!

I have reached the “Where on earth do I put this pot?” stage in my greenhouse. Right now I want the sides to expand and someone to give me another bench to put on all my seedlings and transplanted plants on. Why is it your greenhouse is never big enough? […]

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Seeing purple!

Last season I grew some ‘Purple Sun’ carrots from Johnsons seeds in a large patio tub, but never got around to harvesting them and they sat in the cold polytunnel all winter only receiving the occasional splash of water. I finally got round to harvesting them yesterday and today made […]

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Planting shallot sets

Despite the awful wind and rain this week (w/c March 12) I was determined to get these shallots planted. I started them off in cell trays filled with multipurpose compost in the greenhouse a few weeks ago. This way you can get a good root system going. Before planting, I […]

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