Ryobi found even gnomes were embarrased about some gadrens


Research has revealed that gardening disasters plague around three quarters (73%) of Brits, prompting power tool manufacturer Ryobi to launch a search for the nation’s ugliest garden. Disasters range from not being able to get plants to grow (14%) to forgetting to water plants (10%), as well as physical injury […]

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Blue tits taking a bath. Fresh water is essential for garden birds in summer

Birds of a feather get hot in this weather

With temperatures set to soar above 30C in parts of the UK over the next few days, the RSPB is asking people to give birds a helping hand in the hot conditions by leaving out a supply of fresh water in their gardens or outdoor space. Birds need water for […]

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Next-generation jostaberries

In the three new Confi®Berries from Lubera, the essential characteristics of jostaberries have been decisively improved. Growth has been significantly reduced in two of them, and fertility enhanced in all three. They are thornless, and largely tolerant to leaf diseases. ‘Jodeli’ produces the sweetest of all jostaberries on a compact […]

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Polytunnel Strawberries

Who doesn’t love strawberries, especially homegrown? I have quite a few plants growing in pots in the polytunnel. I leave them outside after harvesting and then bring them back into the polytunnel in early spring. I give them a good feed of general (liquid) fertiliser and then let the warmth […]

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Sowing Turnips

I’ve not grown turnips for a while now as they have never been in great demand by the family. However, I do love them in a Cornish pasty, so that’s a good enough reason for growing them to my mind. I’m sowing two rows in all in this 1m square […]

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Video: Grow a Salad Bar

Steve and Tony show you how you can grow a variety of your own salads! As a member of the Mudketeers’ Club, you can enjoy this exclusive preview of the upcoming Kitchen Garden YouTube videos! Watch more exclusive video guides here.

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