Peacock butterfly


FROM 16 JULY AND FOR 3 WEEKS Garden wildlife specialist Vivara has teamed up with wildlife charity, Butterfly Conservation, to help encourage people to become citizen scientists this summer. The new website brand, owned by CJ WildBird Foods, has become a sponsor of the annual Big Butterfly Count, a UK-wide […]

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Help ripen tomatoes

One of the common questions we get at Kitchen Garden magazine is why are my greenhouse tomatoes not ripening? This is often seen as a problem when the fruits start to form but they are slow to colour up. It is often just patience that is needed because once a […]

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Celebrate World Bee Day May 20


Today (May 20) is World Bee Day. How will you be celebrating? Why not resolve to set aside a part of your garden for bees or to leave a small part of the lawn un-mown for wild flowers to thrive? maybe put up a home for solitary bees? Find out […]

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Survey the UK’s mammals from your garden this year

Public urged to build on positive relationship with nature made during Covid lockdowns For the first time, wildlife charity People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) is running its Living with Mammals survey throughout all of 2021, starting this week. PTES saw record-breaking numbers of volunteers taking part last year, thanks […]

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