Fresh peas, straight from the pod – don’t even bother cooking ’em! They are like the sweet treats of the veg plot.

So this year I’m growing a dwarf variety called ‘Meteor’, which only grow to about 45cm (18inches high). It’s early May now – so far so good. Germination in troughs in the greenhouse went well, the young plants seemed to have transplanted well and are starting to send tendrils out now, which are attaching themselves to the support sticks.

I think half the battle with growing peas is making sure you get the right support in place. I’ve used bamboo, chicken wire and plastic netting in the past but these buddleia sticks which I cut over the winter are just perfect. I’ve just cut them to size and pushed them into the soil next to the plants.

The raised bed is a new one this year – I’ve added plenty of kitchen waste into over the winter and then topped it up with mole soil – yes, the lovely soil the moles brought to my front my lawn in late winter. They seem to visit each year but have now departed for tunnels new.