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A mixture of mung bean, alfalfa and radish

Your indoor salad bar – all year round

There is a simple way to enjoy home-grown salads all year long and that is by growing sprouting seeds. KG editor Steve Ott explains. With all the food shortages in the supermarkets at the moment and, as I write this, snow falling heavily outside making working in the garden impossible, […]

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Peter's tropic isle

My Pacific Isle

KG reader Peter Dean dreams of an island holiday away from the cold winter rain I entered a competition In a gardening magazine. I had to write a poem About a garden I had seen. I chose a lovely garden That was here in my mind. A piece of imagination […]

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Be sure to feed the birds this winter

The Cold of Winter

By KG reader, Peter Dean In winter it is especially important for gardeners to look after birds and other wildlife. When temperatures fall to single Celsius figures wildlife is more vulnerable. They need extra food to survive. Leaving seed heads on sunflowers, for example, gives birds – finches in particular […]

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The cucumbers are doing well in the polytunnel this year, though have wilted at times in the heat and have needed plenty of watering. Plus I’ve had to spray the inside of the polytunnel with cold water to cool things down generally. This year I’ve been growing ‘Merlin’, an all-female […]

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KG tomato crop 2022

A tomato update

The tomato (and pepper) season has seemed a little slow to me this year with germination being a bit erratic and subsequent growth slow. But as always the plants come through in the end and now that they are planted in the spoil of the polytunnel enriched with compost, leafmould […]

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sowing courgettes

Time to sow tender veggies

If you haven’t done it already, now’s the time to sow things like courgettes, pumpkins, cucumbers and other squashes. I always wait till now (mid-May) as I don’t have a heated greenhouse and although it’s plenty warm enough during the day, night time temperatures can still be quite low. I […]

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