Terry Walton is a convert to the benefits of using rock dust to grow healthy veg

Carbon Capture gardening with rock dust

After a year where new and experienced gardeners have found solace from Covid19 by spending their extra free time actively gardening, Carbon Capture gardening with REMIN volcanic rock dust (REMIN) is set to be the new trend setter for 2021.

Organically certified REMIN is freshly crushed and finely screened, ancient volcanic rock that is sourced in the UK.   From allotmenteers, to stately homes, to horticulture, to farming, REMIN now has an established following that have seen a significant improvement in their crops for themselves.  Feedback includes increased yields of tastier, healthier crops that are noted as more resistant to pests and diseases.  These benefits are attributed to the wide range of natural minerals and trace elements that REMIN adds to our soil and compost. 

Healthier crops are not the only benefits that REMIN provides, however.   Via the recently signed service agreement between REMIN (Scotland) Ltd with Newcastle University, the University now quantifies the inorganic carbon that REMIN captures from the carbon dioxide, CO2, in the air we breathe.   Atmospheric CO2 is one of the greenhouse gases that society has released by, for example, burning coal and oil.   These greenhouse gases are now heating up our planet with serious consequences for our climate.  By adding REMIN to soil and compost, growers are, over time, increasing the atmospheric CO2, that is being captured back into the soil.

To find out more about the benefits of Remin Volcanic Rock Dust visit: www.reminscotland.com

How to order

10kg and 20k printed REMIN volcanic rock dust bags and 1t and 0.5t bulk bags are supplied by:
Agralan Ltd, The Old Brickyard, Ashton Keynes, Swindon, Wiltshire SN6 6QT    

T. 01285 860015;   E. [email protected]   W. www.agralan.co.uk